Knee Replacement-What to do post surgery???

Continue to take any prescribed painkillers or anti-inflammatories to help manage any pain and swelling Use your walking aids but aim to gradually decrease the amount you rely on them as your leg feels stronger Keep up your exercises to help prevent stiffness and do not force your knee Do not sit with your legs crossed […]

Achievement – A Proud moment

A proud moment for Medi-Square Hospital, Our services are being awarded by Dainik Bhaskar “Healthcare award-2018”. Thanks to people of Indore to show their trust towards us and nominate Dr. Vinod Arora for the best “Orthopedic and Joint replacement doctor”. #proud #drvinodarora #medisquarehospital #spinesurgeries#hipkneereplacement #traumacare #multispecialityhospital

Joint Pain elderly people

Your parents have believed in you and that is the “Greatest Gift” that anybody could give to another. Now when they need you the most, it’s your duty to take care of the two elderly people. #JointPains is Common among Elderly People. Help them Stand on their Feet again, 

Total Hip Replacement : When surgery is recomended

We at Medi-Square Hospital are known for Joint Replacements, trauma care, spine surgeries, arthroscopies etc. Heres some information about when to go for Hip replacement surgery: Hip pain that limits everyday activities, such as walking or bending Hip pain that continues while resting, either day or night Stiffness in a hip that limits the ability […]

Spine surgery at Medi-Square Hospital

Patient Mr. Wasim Ansari, 27 years male had assault injury on May, 14th 2018 which lead him to fracture dislocation of C2-C3 (cervical spine) and for treatment patient got admitted at Medi-Square Hospital on May, 17th 2018. On examinations and investigations it was found that patient has got some serious issues with the spinal cord […]