Hip replacement at early age due to sickle cell anaemia and perthese disease

And their smile continued even in unbearable pain. Due to sickle cell anaemia-Manisha’s hip and Due to Perthese disease Jewantha’s hip were damaged. Hip replacement surgery was only option to make them walk again. Pic- Second day after surgery #jointreplacement #hipreplacement #medisquarehospital #drvinodearora https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2476307395818150&id=283266231788955


Patient Tulsiram 63 year’s old male had a gunshot injury in right hip in the year 1982 during fighting with gangsters, who came to loot Tulsiram’s village. This incidence lead to restricted routine activities of Tulsiram and he learned to live life with the restrictions but the real problem started in the year 1985 when […]