Post op - Spine fracture dislocation (Hangman's fracture)- Rare but life threatening injury
Post-Op X-Ray

Spine fracture dislocation is a rare injury which occurs due to assault, fall from the height, landing on head directly or due to car accidents. Only 10% of the patients with this injury survive.

In the month of April Patient, Mrs. Jyoti Bai Goura had been admitted to Medi-Square Hospital with the fracture dislocation of C5-C6 and quadriplegia. After this incident patient lost moments of both upper and lower limb with bladder and bowel involvement. The fracture had been reduced by the help of traction and patient got discharged but the story does not end here; after discharge, on the suggestion of a friend; family members of a patient took her to some Baba for the massage. After massaging she again had the same fracture as these massage methods are not safe then she had to got admitted again at the hospital but this time traction could not help her and she had to get operated for the problem.

Surgery performed successfully and the patient is in stable condition now but unaware of the fact that massage may lead to fractures, usually people opt such activities and harm themselves. This is a request to all not to opt such activities and be safe.

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