picsart 03 21 042067392630 - Phobia for surgery still prevalent in societyMrs. Pinder Kaur,65 years old female already an Arthritis patient fell in the bathroom and had pain and swelling over left thigh. She consulted me and her investigation and clinical examinations revealed that she needs to go for a Knee Replacement Surgery but she was not willing for the same and asked for alternative treatment options.

The reason behind her denial is very obvious; in a country like India where people start having anxiety in the name of injection, surgery like Knee Replacement is a big deal for them. Another reason for denial was her age. My team counseled her in many ways by showing her pre and postoperative videos of my patients who are active even after surgery and leading a healthy life like before.

While the counseling phase we realized that Mrs.Kaur was more worried about the aftermath of surgery rather than the surgery itself.

After a few counseling sessions, she got ready for the surgery and was successfully operated at Medi-Square Hospital.

Today after a month, she came for the follow-up and I was amazed to see the confidence of an Indian Woman, who insisted to use stairs to my cabin.

I wish that the phobia of surgery and its aftermath must be eradicated from the society so that people would be relieved from suffering and pain.


Dr. Vinod Arora

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