We at Medi Square had a 50 year old patient Mr. Rahul Kumar, who barely could walk due to severe pain in back. The patient is football freak and used to play football everyday. When he was 48 years old- unfortunately he met with an accident and since that day he was suffering from unbearable back pain and when this pain did not subside he visited a few Orthopedicians and physiotherapist but could not get releif as nobody could diagnose the problem correctly.

Fortunately, after a year he had talk with one of his school  friend who suggested him to visit Dr. Vinod Arora at Medi Square Hospital, Indore and assured him of full releif from pain as he himself had confidence in the miraculuos diagnosis and treatment of Dr. Arora because Dr. Arora had successfully done knee rplacement surgery of his father.

Mr. Rahul then visited Medi Square Hospital to get consultation of Dr. Arora and based on clinical examinations and few investigations he was suggested to go for a hip replacement surgery.

Now after one year of surgery Mr. Rahul Kumar with his positive attitude and sencere efforts of Dr. Arora and His team is playing football enthusiastically and persuing his :passion to play”.


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